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4Luzhou zhaofa
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Luzhou Chaofa Leather Co., LtdFocus on the production of backpack/computer bag/medical bag/die box/camera bag

  Luzhou Chaofa Leather Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, has assembled 10 production lines and more than 400 skilled workers, who mainly focus on the production of backpacks/computer bags/medical bags/die boxes/camera bags. The daily production capacity is about 10000-15000 (240000-390000/month).

  Our company's monthly production capacity and turnover exceed 2 million dollars. Our main customers are import agents and trading companies. We provide complete services from the R&D department (product design and material design) to shipping to the port designated by the customer.

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  • 公司环境


  • 办公室


  • 生产车间

  • 生产车间

  • 质检区

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