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Why do women take so long to go out on dates? You think you're just dressing up? No, in fact, she may also be entangled in today to match which bag, yes, delicate women will match each set of clothes for their own with a suitable bag, so that the overall effect can achieve the best state, but a high-grade bag is actually quite expensive, most girls buy dozens of hundreds of pieces of bags, although the price is not expensive, But to buy more is also a big cost, but the bag is just a kind of decoration, although we do not need to spend a lot of money on it, but women in their late 40s and 50s can not carry a bag like a little girl, we deserve to pursue better things in this age group, but after all, the budget is limited, how to do? Instead of stocking up on all kinds of bags, pick a few classic ones that match and are classy.

Lady makeup bag customization

What is a classic high-end bag? The first thing we have to consider is whether its color is durable, whether it can withstand the rotation of fashion! Women in their 40s and 50s choose these 4 "senior colors" for their bags, which are durable and youthful!

Lady makeup bag custom color collocation, preferably reference to the color of the clothes. So that the overall visual effects will harmonize.

If you usually wear light colors, choose purple, royal blue, blue-gray, or beige, sauce red, rose, etc., are good choices.

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