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There are many kinds of women's makeup bags. What problems should we pay attention to when customizing women's makeup bags? Now that the benefits are here, here are some tips for customizing a lady's makeup bag.

Lady's makeup bag

Tips for customizing a lady's makeup bag are as follows:

1. Pay attention to the material of customized ladies' makeup bag.

The material of a lady's makeup bag determines the grade and quality of the bag. The materials generally include nylon, canvas, polyester, real leather, etc. Polyester is considered to be the best fabric for making makeup bags in the market. In addition, the weight of the material must also be considered, the lighter the material, the more it will not cause the burden of carrying.

2, the size of the lady's makeup bag should be appropriate

Women's makeup bags are often carried around, solid design should be small and light, this is particularly important. It is recommended that the size within 18cm×18cm is the most appropriate, with some width on the side, in order to put all the items, and can be put into the large bag without bulky.

3. The design of the interlayer of makeup bag storage is very important

The items placed in the makeup bag are very fine. The basic part includes isolation cream, foundation liquid, loose powder, powder, mascara, eyelash curler, etc. There are a lot of categories, there are a lot of small things to put, so there are layered design styles, it will be easier to put things into categories.

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