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What are the uses of lady's makeup bag in daily life? I think lip gloss, compacts and sprays are fine. As for eyeshadow brushes, they should be kept at home. This way, the bag is not too heavy and will be enough for you.

Lady's makeup bag

A makeup bag is a bag used to make up. It's usually a cosmetic bag. In more detail, it is divided into multi-functional professional makeup bag, simple travel makeup bag and small household makeup bag.

Professional makeup bag with multiple functions, multiple compartments and storage bags. It is mainly used by professional makeup artists.

Travel makeup bag, usually easy to carry. Few compartments, but full of features. Common cosmetics and toiletries can be placed.

Small household makeup bags come in an infinite variety of styles and types. Color and quality also vary, and more small cosmetic bags are promotional items for cosmetic companies. Giveaways when purchasing cosmetics.

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