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At present, office workers are the most frequent users of computer bags. In order to facilitate employees to carry laptops, documents and personal belongings when they travel and visit customers, many enterprises will customize a special computer bag with corporate characteristics for employees as office needs. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the relevant matters to pay attention to the enterprise customized computer bag, together to understand it!

1. Choose the style of customized computer bag

There are three common styles of computer bag, portable, single shoulder, double shoulder, the enterprise customized computer bag to choose which style is more suitable? Xiaobian suggests that enterprises choose the style of computer bag, the style, color and other good choice is related to the characteristics of the enterprise, the design concept, characteristics of the computer bag is better and the development concept of the enterprise or can show the concept of corporate culture, when the staff use this customized computer bag according to the enterprise exclusive elements, To a certain extent, more people can also understand the brand image of the enterprise through the computer bag.

2, pay attention to the material selection

There are many kinds of materials that can be made of computer bags. Different materials have different customization costs, and the finished computer bags are also different in texture. The unified customization of computer bags by enterprises is related to the corporate image. At the same time, because the computer bag contains electronic products such as laptops, these items are most afraid of water, so the fabric material is better to have a certain degree of waterproof, outdoor use in case of rainy days, can also protect the computer in the bag from rain. But also do a good job of shockproof planning, the use of suspension planning (notebook layer is slightly higher than the bottom of the package, the notebook will not touch the ground directly when landing), and in each inner corner filled with shockproof PE cotton, in the case of accidentally bump, can have a certain protection effect on the computer.

3, pay attention to the size of the computer bag

No matter what kind of computer bag, there are different size specifications, enterprises in the customization of computer bag, it is better to choose the size according to the actual use needs of employees. The size of the computer bag is not recommended to be too big, otherwise it is not suitable for daily use, nor is it recommended to be too small, too small, for the use of professionals is not suitable, can not hold many things. In the past Xiaobian to different enterprise customers customized computer bag, the 14 inch size of the computer bag is deeply liked by most customers, you can refer to. In addition, if the employees need to travel often, the computer bag should also increase a certain amount of luggage space, so that if the short-term business trip, a bag can be done, further show the enterprise's intimate care for employees.

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